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Monday, 26 October 2009

A bit of road kill anyone?

Feeling a bit poorly today and sitting listening to the local radio. They have been talking about eating road kill, dead badger and the like. Think I'm gonna be sick. Yuck!

"Where's the bathroom?"


Marian Barker said...

Here's a recipe:

"Hedgehogs might seem a bit tricky to cook, what with all their spikes, but it seems that they were also seen as a tasty treat in times gone by.

People would have had to take the hedgehog's guts out, and then would probably put some salt and herbs on them before covering them with clay or lots of grass before they popped them in the fire and roasted them."

French Fancy said...

Despite the poor driving around here and the crazy curvy roads that go on for miles you seldom see road kill. When I do I always feel very funny driving over it - even though it is already dead.

Hope you feel better soon.

Phil Lowe said...

mmm hedgehogs, they sound like a really tasty treat alright Marian. :(

Oh course FF! I know why there is so little road kill en France. All the smart animals are enjoying a two hour lunch in the fields.

Cheryl said...

Hee, hee! Very funny picture.

Mmm, roadkill. One thing I might try at least once just to say I've done it.

Kate Collings said...

This reminds me of my travels to Cambodia and eating Grasshoppers. Well I spat it out as I was a vegetarian at the time and they tasted like chicken. Still makes me gag to this day. Eew.