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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Real markets - I love 'em.

When I was a child in the 1960s the big event of the week for me, was the Saturday morning visit to Derby open market on a place called The Morledge - now a County Court - then next to the Art Deco Derby City  & County bus station - now a Hotel & Casino complex presently in the making.

Morledge market on last day of trading 1975

As a child I would have had no learned adult foodie concept to read from, just being being a small child at the time. However, I was a willing small visitor to the vibrant market scene that would have graced most towns of that era. My mum and my auntie or granny Hanson (Mum's mum) would have taken me to the market and I would have had a waist high view of the local characters and colourful goings on in and around the fruit, veg and fish stalls and would have heard all the rough and friendly banter from the stall holders and customers. No doubt I would have been expected to carry a few bags too. The adults didn't pay my bus fare for nothing you know!!

A character from Bordeaux Sunday market.

As an adult I love to peruse the local markets. Sadly there aren't as many of them as there used to be. I expect that my faves are now the organic and farmer's markets that have sprung up over the last ten years. I also love to go to France for the vibrancy of their markets and most of the pictures here are from the quai side market in the Chartons area of Bordeaux.

A mushroom and cepes stall on the Farmer's Market in West Bridgford, Nottingham.

Fish stall at Bordeaux market

Olives stall at The Green Festival. Nottingham

I recently noticed that  Emily ( has illustrated through her blog, that the Ludlow Food Festival is alive and well and we in the fair city of Nottingham have just had a big Festival of local heroes and cooks in the Old Market Square. Like language, food and culinary habits change and evolve all the time. Perhaps one day British markets will once again be a place to go and experience the real life and colour of our culinary heritage in action.

Bread stall (with amazing varieties of bread) at Bordeaux
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Ken Devine said...

We are fortunate in Newark as we have a proper market in the square just about every day. Friday and Saturday gives the best atmosphere. Granted, you won't see the variety of produce on display, but they are real people who have been involved from father to son or daughter through the generations. It's in their blood and they have tales to tell.

Good post.

Marian Barker said...

Nice to see the Bordeaux shots again.

Phil Lowe said...

Ken, on the rare occasion I have been over to Newark I have always enjoyed the market and browsing in the local indi shops in the area.

Marian, yes, as you know the Sunday market at Chartrons in Bordeaux is my fave. :0)

feasting-on-pixels (terrie) said...

As you well know, I love our real Markets and the Paris marches, too.
This is a great post with wonderful images, it really gives the feel of your markets and those of Bordeaux.
I love the old image of the market as well.