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Monday, 12 October 2009

Lunch at the Country Cottage: Ruddington. Nottinghamshire.

My neighbour Anna told me recently of a great deal lunch-wise at the Country Cottage Hotel and Courtyard Restuarant on Eastthorpe Street in Ruddington. I live within staggering distance from the venue (memory half gleaned from my friend's wedding a couple of years ago when I returned home a tinsy bit tiddly) and today I thought I would give my credit card a airing and try out the carvery luncheon. I was not disapointed.

Prior to popping across the road I had had a nice haircut, shaved off the sideburns and 1970s moustache from playing in Abigail's Party, put some washing on the line and had a bath. If I may say so myself, I looked very presentable in my lilac shirt, olive green jacket, black leather shoes and moleskin trousers.

I had a glass of chilled dry white wine pre-lunch in their bar and was ushered into the dining room. I loved the 'no mobile phone allowed' sign by the bar! I like to relax when I'm eating not have some idiot discussing their business or private affairs within earshot of all and sundry. "Hello! I'm eating some peas!"

I went for the roast lamb carvery option and was served by the amiable thai chef. Additonally I went for the roast potatoes and red cabbage and carrots and mint sauce. The lamb was beautifully cooked and the roasties were to die for - nothing fancy just traditional roast potatoes -f luffy insde with a hint of saltiness. I also liked the red cabbage - sweet and slightly crunchy.

This meal was a bit of an indulgence for me as I can't really afford restuarants being unemployed. In this regard I declined the sweet/dessert menu and the whole meal and wine cost just £8. I would certainly go back again. The service was professional and unintrusive. The main course was only £5 and they also offered two courses for £7.50. That would be a main and a starter, for example.

The 12 to 2pm lunchtime menu is currently as follows:

Monday and Wednesday; Traditional carvery.

Thursday: Homemade traditonal pies.

Friday: A variety of tradional fish.

Sunday: Traditional English Sunday lunch.

On Friday evenings they offer a East meets West night. Traditional British cuisine meets authenic thai cuisine. Served from 7pm until 9pm. Two courses only £10.

This is the 'new look' me after lunch.


Janette Jones said...

So glad to see you back to normal (i.e. no dodgy 70's moustache!) and what a bargain - do they do a vege equivalent?

Karen said...

We're very tempted by their menu. We went to a wedding reception there several years ago which was wonderful, but have never got round to making a return visit. And it's good to see you return to 'normal'!

Ken Devine said...

Well, after spending 13 years going to Ruddington, I never knew the place existed. I thought it was all pub food and Horspools.

I'll have to check it out. Thanks.

Gail's Man said...

Not been to Ruddington for years. Think the last time was about 1988. My aunty lived on Dunblane Road in the 70's. Must pop over sometime, for a spot of photography.

French Fancy said...

that's a very black looking olive green jacket, I must say but you do look very smart and presentable. I would have expected nothing less.

As for the prices -they sound fabulous for such quality fare. I love roast lamb.