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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Calling the emergency services because of hamburger order displeasure.

I just had to share this  irate phone call from the USA of a woman calling their 911 service (like 999 in UK) about her annoyance over a hamburger order and her opinion over bad service. It is so funny and dealt with very well by the lady operator. Enjoy.

I going to call 999 now as I have run out of rock salt and it is criminal that I have none in my cupboards.


Phil Lowe said...

Well, I thought it was funny anyhow. :0)

Jean said...

You're right, it is funny.
A very good friend of mine works for Rotherham police on the 999 calls and he has to deal with people like that all the time. He tells some unbelievable stories.

One woman phoned the police because she realised she had left her iron on when she got to work and was most annoyed when my friend wouldn't send a bobby round there to switch it off, having called at her office first to pick up the key !! Her argument was that it was a valid request because otherwise the house might burn down and endager lives.

The main difference between this call and Rotherham is that the American was able to tell the caller some very straightforward common sense. Over here, that's a disciplinary offence.

Phil Lowe said...

Jean: Oh dear, some folk huh? I can understand the logic about the iron situation BUT it would be up to the caller to deal with it not a police issue. I used to work for Capital One on the phones and some of the calls I got were hard to keep a straight face sometimes and others were plain annoying. People can be so thick. "Hello, is that Kapikal Wun?"

Judith said...

Funny, but good grief, that was unbelievable. And the caller wasn't even drunk (I think.) What a sense of entitlement some folk have! You're right, the operator handled it very well.

Phil Lowe said...

Judith: I think some people are really just so blinded by their own twisted and mis-guided logic that they don't see that they are creating a problem.