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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

A new job offer...

For those who aren’t aware I gave up my kitchen porter job in July as the job was making my hands swell to twice their normal size and I struggled to make an acutely painful closed fist. Part of the reason was the excessive amount of washing up I was expected to do in a week (Saturday was tear inducing) and the lack of professional equipment that the company didn’t employ. There are other reasons which I am far too professional to disclose. Anyway, onwards and upwards.
Phil all dressed for his interview
Since my departure from the cafe I have been to a big Tesco meeting in the Nottingham Council House and passed an interview and numeracy & literacy test which led on to an intensive seven day course relating to the retail world based at New College Nottingham. I passed this too and thus was granted a guaranteed interview with Tesco. They are opening a new store early November in Beeston (Notts) and I want to work in the butchery/fishmonger/deli region of their store. As you may have read previously, I am a former butcher with over fifteen years' worth of experience and subsequent retail experience at The American Adventure Theme Park and a strong background in customer service at my last major employer, Capital One. Plus I have passed my Food Safety Hygiene Certificate Level Two in February this year.

The interview took place last Friday and I felt it went extremely well so I am enthusiastically awaiting the positive outcome.We shall see.

Since the interview I have been sorting out my affairs and organising myself should I (quite possibly) have to move house in order the function properly and be on time at my new job. Some of the starts may be as early as 6am in order to set up the displays. I have been through a lot of my paperwork and had a mad shredding moment or two and I have packed a few things as a start towards the possible move. I don’t drive a car and so I have been considering the notion of acquirring a Vespa scooter or similar to get me to work and back. Some investment and some lessons needed first, I think. The romantic in me sees me whizzing around town with a Latin beauty in headscarf grinning beautifully on the back! All such Latin lovelies apply within.

homemade carrot soup and chilli con carne

In the last few days I have been going through my freezer compartment and making the best of previously frozen meals and vegetables to save money and not waste the food should I/when I move.

plum and strawberry crumble prior to biscuit topping
I have enjoyed a nice chicken curry (top quality chicken bought from Tesco, Long Eaton) and a yesterday a chilli con carne and a decadent and gorgeously fragrant fruit crumble. Today I made myself a carrot and grilled peppers soup from freezer scraps. Yummy!!!


Janette said...

Hope you do get this job, but here's hoping that you don't have to move - I love your little cottage! PS you look very smart in your interview attire - how can they not resist you?

Phil Lowe said...

Thankyou Janette. I don't wanna leave my little cottage either but sometimes a new chapter begins...

Gailsman said...

If you get the right house, you'll be able to walk there!
I hope you get the job, although I and many other residents of Beeston aren't looking forward to them opening, as it will probably kill off all the other shops in the town, similar to what has happened in many other places around the country. At least Broxtowe Council put their food down about them having a 'white box'.

Karen said...

Fingers crossed, & toes too (& I really can cross some of my toes). Having a son who has been unemployed for 18 months, I know how frustrating it can be. The Tesco job sounds perfect for you. Though in a dream world you would run a small classy cafe, & employ me to bake cakes every day whilst you made savory stuff & entertained customers. One can dream!

Phil Lowe said...

GailsMan: I understand peoples' concern but sometimes such a store can bring more business to the town.

Karen: What a great dream of yours. 'A classy petite cafe owner'That's a nice way to decribe me and I'm sure that your cakes would have the customer's coming back again and again. xx