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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Stats are us

Has anyone noticed the 'stats' option that has now appeared on the blogspot 'dashboard'. It is really useful and a great tool for seeing where the visitors come from totally free of charge.

You can now view pageviews per hour, per day, per week and month and the best thing for us bloggers is that you can see what blog post of yours are proving popular and most viewed. It's also quite inspiring to think that after all the effort/joy of publishing your writing that some of the older posts are proving popular even if no-one has actually made a comment. Good huh?

PS: I looked at my other less used blog about my acting and the stats were very illuminating regarding what topicis had proved popular. My post about my adaptation of A Christmas Carol for the stage was clearly the winner with lots of views.


Dean said...

Thanks for blogging this as I hadnt noticed, Although with moving in to the new home fully now and having to wait for the phone to be connected for another 10 days yet the internet is taking a back seat.
Interesting stats for my site which leads me to believe more people visit than the lack of comments lead me to believe which means when im fully connected again I am going to have to try to put more effort in and post more interesting entries.

French Fancy... said...

Now I'm limiting my time in the blogosphere I barely have time to whizz into people's blogs let alone keep up with all the gadgets

Phil Lowe said...

Dean: Yes, I too was suprised to see the old posts getting attention and I've found this an exciting revelation. In fact since you made the comment Dean I've added this info to the blog post. Cheers matey and good luck with your blog.

FF: Hope things settle down for you once you are in work.

Athina said...

Phil, I have FEEDJIT in my dying blog and I also get to see what countries my visitors were from and my winner post was the one titled "Sentences". I think "sentences" is being googled around the world by students studying English grammar. So I get viewed. :(