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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A bit of skirt and something off the shoulder

beef stew made from skirt of beef

shoulder of lamb dinner
Just recently the weather has turned rather icy and cold, so much so that my outflow pipe froze on Sunday and I had to dismantle it and knock out the cylindrical blocks of ice so that water could again flow freely from my kitchen sink to the drainage system. So, it's been the weather where one wants warm nourishing food whilst the snow flurries descend. So far I have cooked a wonderful beef skirt stew with simple mashed spuds and basic veg and today I cooked a boneless shoulder of lamb for two hours in my Aga (ahem, knackered 1970s oven) and ate it with new season potatoes and carrots and green beans with a gravy from the cooking juices. As I type Mr Harris the cat from next door is watching the snow fall rather heavily outside.

rolled shoulder of lamb with rosemary

cooked, boned and rolled shoulder of lamb joint


Matthew said...

Lovely! I must try beef skirt one day.

I've been eating an aromatic lamb stew I did in the slow cooker (garlic, cinnamon and cumin mostly), and tonight I'm planning to roast chicken breast, potatoes and bulb fennel to beat the snow.

Phil Lowe said...

Mathew: Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment. Beef skirt is very lean and makes wonderful gravy. Your aromatic lamb stew sounds fab. I like fennel but have rarely eaten it. Perhaps it's time to give it a try.

Karen said...

I will have to stop reading your blog before I go to always makes me hungry. Beef skirt is wonderful - I cook it in a slow cooker (£7 from Asda, but Tesco probably have one). Stew's are perfect warming winter food.

Athina said...

Brilliant post title, Phil. I thought you're writing about fashion. :)

French Fancy... said...

You must get some great meaty bargains with your new job. Both these meals looked absolutely delicious

thanks for the support Phil