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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

It started in the kitchen and ended in the bedroom. Phew!

Not quite the steamy adventure you might be lusting for but certainly since I had my kitchen and stairwell decorated I have felt the need to tart up the rest of the house, starting with the bedroom. I have decided to stay at my rented house in Ruddington rather than move to Beeston.

From off-white walls and a grubby white ceiling I ventured to refresh my decor by utilising Dulux's 'Wellbeing' green and a cream colour from the excess paint from the kitchen for the ceiling. My poor old muscles aren't used to that much excerise and the Sunday (first day of decorating) was very hard work and I muscled on from 9am to 6pm in order to get the majority of the ceiling and a first coat on the walls and alcoves done. On Monday (feeling very creaky) I gave the end of the bedroom a second coat and then ran out of paint. Darn, next stop Wilko's.

Tuesday saw me devoting three hours to finishing off and looking back in admiration.

Of late I have been looking at my book shelves and organising them as well as giving the bedroom a good clean and hoover. Next stop the bathroom!
the newly finished bedroom and Monka the monkey happy on his bed.


Janette said...

Looking good Mr Phil! Will have to come and look at it some time!

Gailsman said...

Have you had a few days off work then? You will have to throw a re-housewarmingparty when you've done it all.

Or better still, throw a party, but the catch is everyone should bring a paintbrush and help with the decorating!

The Quizzical Observer said...

Really good effort considering the hours you're putting in working and travelling to work. If you get bored in your extensive free time, please do come over and do some painting for us!

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil, how's it going? Looks like youve done a grand job on the decorating front. Please feel free to come round and give our house a much needed revamp! You've certainly got the eye for it. Hope you're well, take care (sorry it's been so long! Forgiveness please) xx

Karen said...

Well done, it all looks very smart. I've abandoned my decorating (kitchen, & 2 bedrooms really need doing) until warmer weather, so I admire your dedication. Do you use a brush, or a roller/paint pad? You must be shattered, especially after working long hard hours.

And Monka looks so sweet as your bedside companion.

Phil Lowe said...

Thanks everyone. I used a roller and small brush and a mini roller for those awkward spaces like behind the radiator. Monka likes it too. :0)