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Sunday, 21 November 2010

My Sunday dinner: Spiced brisket of beef.

Brisket joint and butcher's string.
Slow broil Brisket joint in oven for three hours on gas mark 4 or 160 on electric. Pre-cooking, spike the brisket joint with three or four cloves and add three bay leaves and a sprinkling of garden fresh thyme to the cooking water. Cover with foil and place in lower part of oven.  Add peeled onions after an hour and peel carrots and scrub new potatoes. Cook new potatoes for the last half hour along with carrots and frozen peas.

the halfway process

 Half way through the cooking add a generous amount of red wine to cooking liquor. Baste beef joint regularly throughout cooking process, For the last ten minutes pop the shop bought Yorkshire puddings into the oven to cook through. I know 'shop bought'. I heard you shudder yet so easy and more time for wine drinking. Who could argue with that?

Add some butter to drained potatoes and a liberal shake of ground pepper. Once on the plate dress the plate with a generous amount of horseradish sauce to accentuate the delicious beef. Use the rich and sumptuous cooking juices as a gravy. Enjoy!

A Merlot of French Fitou is a good choice to go with this dish.

ready to eat


Janette said...

Can't believe you are all that! Are they starving you at Tescos?

Phil Lowe said...

Janette: I am a hungry bunny!!!!

Gailsman said...

Not for me thanks. I don't eat red meat. If there's any pudding going though...

Phil Lowe said...

GailsMan: I have a beef suet pudding. Any good?

Jean said...

What a coincidence, we had brisket for dinner yesterday. It was scrummy. (Followed by rhubarb crumble made with home-grown rhubarb from the freezer.)

Our recipe was slightly different from yours, will give yours a try next time as it looks delicious - I could eat it all again.

The Quizzical Observer said...

Looks great - and glad to see someone else still does the full Sunday dinner thing. We roasted a chicken just for the two of us, so there'll be a pie from the leftover meat and having boiled down the carcass for stock there'll be some good soup too. Must try this brisket soon - it's the time of year for slow cooking.