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Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas dinners in Europe. Stage Two. Turkish kosher lamb.


This lovely and aromatic Christmas dinner comes direct from my friend Thorsten Feldmann's family dinner in Germany's Rheinland Palatinate - a place called Offenbach an der Queich.

The 4kg of leg of Turkish Kosher lamb was marinated in olive oil and spices for one week before cooking. This was with sweet pepper, thyme, parsley, curry powder and salt. It was cooked for two hours at 175 degrees centigrade after a quick roast in the pan.

The finished lamb was served with ochre, potatoes and red cabbage.

Starters were an unripe spelt grain soup with dumplings of bone marrow plus a lamb lettuce corn salad.

For dessert the four of them had vanilla ice cream with hot raspberry sauce.

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