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Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas dinners in Europe. Just when you think you can't eat anymore! Stage Four from the Rheinland!

Later last night my German friend Thorsten Feldmann from the Rheinland Palatinate sent me some more pictures and information about a meal for eight that his father had put together for their evening repast on Christmas Day. You would think that they were already stodged from the lamb lunch aber gar nicht! But not at all!

"Hi Phil! Here is the evening meal cooked by my Father.
To start, carrot ginger soup and a variety of four salads. For the main, stuffed pork cheeks with a broad variety of roast vegetables including Brussels sprouts, carrots and cauliflower. By the way, although we already full from the lamb at lunchtime the stuffed pigs cheeks (that you thought were chicken!) are for eight hungry people. Cheese sauce and gravy (jus) are added to finish the dish. For dessert we have marscapone cream and raspberries. We will sleep well tonight!"


The finished main dish with pasta!

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