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Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas dinners. Stage three. This time to Buenos Aires.

This time I asked my friend and very talented artist Cheryl De Los Reyes Cruz, who is based in Argentina, how she had so far celebrated Christmas and I was fascinated to hear of a food based event on Christmas Eve that she had enjoyed before the promise of huge Christmas day lunch today.

Cheryl (left)

The event depicted through these photographs (below) took place in the barrio called Nunez in Buenos Aires around 10pm on Christmas Eve. She was with her friend Andrea Toledo and her family. Her uncle is a chef and Cheryl told me that he prepared some really amazing dishes. There was octopus salad, shrimp salad, tongue, a pineapple salad and roasted pork with prune stuffing. She enjoyed plenty of wine and champagne and loved listening to others performing Karaoke but (laughing) insisted that she didn't perform herself! The dessert was a lemon mouse with dulce de leche.

More fascinating detail sent to me midday on Boxing Day. Copying the spelling correctly took some doing! Thanks Cheryl.

"Hey Phil, just to let you know and for more authentic detail : the octopus salad is called Pulpo al Olivo (Peruvian), shrimp salad is Coctel de Camarones. The pork dish is called Carre de Cerdo Mechado con Curuelas. Chips de Batatas y Guarnacion de Peras Cebollas Confitadas. The dessert is Mousse de Maracuya con Mereings y Salsa Toffee.The chef's name is Jorge Sanchez."



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