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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Cafe on the corner

I have a cafe/deli literally across the road from me that could have been named after me. I am named Phil Lowe, the deli is called Philo's. It is so close that I rarely go in. I see little point in spending extra money on a posh coffee when I can make a nice mug of (growly voice over) Carte Noire a la maison. But yesterday, I took some time to chill after a very contentious moment or five with the Nottingham County Council and Jobseekers folk and enjoyed some people watching and the simple fact that someone would serve me and I could be valued as a customer and as a person.

Sometimes you just need that. Gradually the tension that had built up in my neck and shoulders evaporated and the coffee was very good. They do some lovely food and business lunches to go but for now all that matters is me having a chance to relax after a stressful morning. No one hassling me and being treated like a human being, that's all I wanted and got Philo's staff got it perfectly right. Merci.


Elizabeth Bradley said...

I used to own a coffeehouse very much like the one profiled, we even served Illy espresso, (check out the big tin can atop the coffee grinder), which comes from Italy and is very good. I loved and miss that business very much. It's a Starbucks now, but don't get me started on THAT ISSUE. I enjoyed your post, and the pics.

Phil Lowe said...

Thanks Elizabeth. I sometimes wonder whether my shorter blogs have the same intrinisic value as some of the more involved and humorous ones that I spend time culivating and adapting to best effect. You know what,I think they all have a value because (and perhaps I becoming a tad poetic here)the 'moment' is the important thing and most of us go to a cafe to 'be' for a while and escape the cares of the day.That is exactly what I decided to do on that day of exterior stress. Sorry to hear about the Starbucks thing for your ex-business - perhaps best not to go down that route of discourse! :0)

StGeorgeOfEngland said...

Short blog. Long blog. As long as we have a blog that is what matters. One doesn't have to sit and make a concerted effort to write down every little thing that occurs in order for us to know how you feel at a certain time.
What I read from this is that our Phil was having a chill day. We all need a chill day now and again.
Sometimes it is just good to sit back and enjoy the coffee.

On a quick Starbucks/ Costa etc note, give me a small independant coffee shop any day to the ones that are sticking crappy coffee (with added salt!) down our throats. Oh how I miss the two lovely coffee shops that I frequent in my locality when I am in Minnesota.

Gail's Man said...

Not a coffee drinker at all. Give me a hot chocolate with marshmallows & squirty cream anytime!

Cheryl said...

Me too. Places that help me feel like a valued customer I tend to go out of my way to return to rather than places that give me indifferent service. And sometimes, on bad days or so/so days, especially now that I'm looking for work, going in somewhere to treat myself to something can change the day for the better entirely.

French Fancy said...

*[do] my shorter blogs have the same intrinisic value *

Yes, they do. Just as my short comment does :p

Anonymous said...

If I had a lovely café across the street, I'd be over there all of the time. How do you resist?

Emily said...

Wow, that deli/cafe looks lovely. I'd love somewhere like that in spitting distance of my pad, but like you, if I had I probably wouldn't go because it's easier and cheaper to eat and drink Chez Emily!