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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

It's weird but....

It's weird but ... I was going to do a review on the Nottingham Philpott's branch of take away food emporium on Lower Parliament Street in Nottingham. I went there yesterday on a rainy wet Monday morning and sat with my cup of tea watching a few people out on the street pass by in the downpour, their reflections shimmering forward of them on the wet pavement. Although the establishment is quite large I found it strangely uninspiring and empty of character. I so wanted to say something nice about it but essentially it came across as void of character and bland.

Today however, I went to get a simple loaf of bread to eat with a pan of home made chicken soup I had made from the carcase and part remainder meat of a roasted chicken I cooked for a meal yesterday. A pretty normal excursion along the street in my village to Bexon's the bakers turned into quite an adventure of history and food provenance.

Waiting to be served I noticed some polony in the deli section which reminded me of my years as a butcher so I went over to have a look. It was then that I spied a big circle of French brie from Le Maubert in Brittany. Curious about the thistle emblem, I got into a very pleasant conversation with the owner and we ended up discussing the Auld Scottish /French Alliance and the friendship between the people of Gascony and England and all manner of Anglo-French history and it turned out we are both called Philip and both used to be butchers in the past! And that was just from buying a loaf of bread. Life can be very interesting sometimes. We never did find out about the thistle symbol.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about thistles in Bretagne, but near here in Aubiny-sur-Neré is a Scottish castle where Mary, Queen of Scots stayed for awhile. The people are all half Scottish/half French in that town.

Gail's Man said...

Small geographical correction I'm afraid me old china. It's Upper Parliament Street, not Lower. Philpotts is part of the old Co-op building & been open about 5 months now. Never been in yet, and your description of it hasn't inspired me to go. I often pass it though on my lunchtime photography travels, or when I'm going to Big Wok.

Cheryl said...

Another great food adventure! Did you try the cheese?

French Fancy said...

I've not seen that cheese here - although I do tend to whizz past the cheese counter because we just both love it too much - and I'm not very good with self-control; far better for me not to buy it. Cheese is an indulgence we save for eating out.

Even young children get a cheese course with their school lunches - they get a four-course meal (although I don't think the schools serve wine)

Have you got a new mate now - Phil at Bexons?

Emily said...

Know what you mean about Phillpotts, Phil. We have three or so branches in Birmingham, and I want to think good things but essentially it's a bit bland. The food I've had from them is okay but not as fantastic as the price suggests. Brie however, looks great. Have you tried Cotswold Brie?

Phil Lowe said...

Dedene: that's really interesting about the half Scots - half french village. I will pass that on to Phil at Bexons.

Gail'sMan: thanks for putting me geographically right. There will be many confused people now at the wrong end of the street! lol

French Fancy: How can you resist les fromages?
There's an intrigueing thought; the serving of wine at school dinner in French schools.

Cheryl: Not yet but I may well as I love Brie.

Emily: they seem very keen on a certain brand of posh crisp - there were baskets and baskets of them and the food displays were just like a dozen slices of cucumber/tomato/meat laid on a plate in a bland uninspiring way. No garnish or visual interest. No I haven't tried cotswold Brie to my knowledge. Is it nice?