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Friday, 24 April 2009

Wolfing down the cat food

No I haven't finally lost it and started a diet of mice, cat food and a bit of grass. I just wanted to explain my absence this week with my regular foodie blogs you all enjoy. I have been cat sitting for my absent neighbours for the last almost two weeks and enjoy their feline company and feeding and fussing them. They live in their own house and I have a key. In terms of their habits the two cats, Harris and Soufie, are reasonably predictable. Except when one goes missing for two days!

Harris had his breakfast on Wednesday morning and then went walk about. He was missing for two days and finally turned up on my garden path at 6am this morning (Friday). All that time he was missing I have been out of my mind with worry what might have happened to him and have hardly slept for two nights never mind thought about blogging or even eating that much myself.

Anyway, I enjoyed seeing his sweet little face again and hearing him chomping away at his bowl of cat food with jelly. Wherever he had been he was very hungry this morning. At one point he turned his head round and looked at me watching him. I had tears of joy rolling down my face. Welcome back Harris and boy that cat food looks good. Move over. Chomp, purr, chomp purr.


Marian Barker said...

Coffee and Kit-e-Kat then?

French Fancy said...

Oh I can imagine the worry you have been under - it's such a responsibility doing this sort of thing. I wonder if there are going to be lots of little Harrises soon?

Glad you are okay though - Thought the jobsworths from the council might have come and marched you away.

StGeorgeOfEngland said...

The lad has been out on the town. Let him have his fun for goodness sakes! You are such an overprotective 'parent'. Hehe.
I understand the worry though. My girl has four house cats and Oscar, her solitary male went missing for three days. He turned up with a big smile on his face so no doubting what her was up to.
I would watch the diet of cat food too Phil. Have you seen how a cat cleans it's 'ehem'?

Phil Lowe said...

I noticed that he has a slight wound on top of his head today and that he is being very cuddly and lay in my arms for about five minutes whilst i tickled his tummy and chin. I think he missed his Unca Phil as much as I missed him. Aaah!

Marian Barker said...

Ah miss ma Unca Phil too!!!!

Janette Jones said...

You big softie! (PS we wouldn't want you, any other way!)

Phil Lowe said...

Marian and Janette: does oo want a lickle chucky under the chin then? Chucky chucky. Ticky tums.That's it roll about. Purr purr.
How about a bit of mashed up raw egg? Yummy.

Unca Phil is spoiling you now. Just don't get running off again you little beep!

Anonymous said...

He's probably been having a whale of a time partying and clubbing whilst his Mum and Dad have been away,


Athina said...

Funny post, Phil. :)

Phil Lowe said...

Thanks all. Funny in retrospect but at the time I was beside myself. He has gone off again today (Sunday. I assume that he will return for his tea tonight.