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Thursday, 2 April 2009

No time for lunch? Crisp crazy?

'When we are working there isn't always time to stop and have a proper lunch so sometimes a quickly eaten packet of crisps is all I have until the evening.'

How true do you think statment is? Do you eat at work, at your desk? Do you make sandwiches or something nice to eat at lunch to save money or get to eat food you actually like? Do you eat at a staff canteen? How do you cope with the lunchtime craving/need for food? Maybe you don't eat at all and just have a cigarette and more coffee? Do you get a proper lunch hour away from the work envirionment?

In my previous job I did spend a lot of money over the years in the staff canteen and the food was generally of a good standard. I always meant to save money by taking in lunch but rarely did. Due to work stresses I would also go out to a local cafe - like Lee Roseys - and have a cup of Earl Grey tea and one of their nutrious sandwiches and watch the world go by for half an hour.


Dedene said...

Phil, Nice picture of you!
I always ate in the company canteen, as it was cheap and decent. If I got a chance to go out for lunch, that was great too. Sometimes, in the spring and summer, we'd organize a picnic outdoors on the grounds.

French Fancy said...

That is a great photo of you - the goatee is a good look on you and my mum always used to go on about wearing white to bring light around one's face.

As for lunch - well, here in our little French idyll, we've adopted the French way of a proper meal at lunchtime (we both work from home)and a light snack in the evening. As for crisps - they are second to my biscuit addiction - consequently they are seldom in the house. I'm a little bit greedy by nature and have to banish certain things.

I wish I was naturally thin and could eat what I wanted - I'd probably never stop then.

Odd Chick said...

I loved looking over your site. I'm a fairly new tea drinker- but an American tea drinker - but I'm trying to learn more about teas and reach deeper into the tale of tea....what brand of earl grey do you like?

Not Waving but Drowning said...

At work I'd ram something quick in and eat in the evening but here in France, with the two hour lunch break, we eat a proper meal at lunchtime and feel better for it too.

Phil Lowe said...

Dedene and French Fancy, thanks for your compliments on my 'goatee' look. I thought that it was time to revive it and to change the picture on me blog.

Dedene, French Fancy, and Not Waving... love the French two hour dinner break. much more sensible than the rushed UK jobby. And something light to eat at night helps you to sleep better too.Not too much wine at lunch though. I would fall asleep all afternoon!

Odd Chick: Answer is mostly Twinnings tea. Good quality and you can actually get a nice hit of bergamot.Thanks for your comments about loving the site. Appreciated.

Gail's Man said...

I eat lunch at my desk, as my lunch hour is taken up with walking around the city centre taking photos for my blog & Flickr.
I've not bumped into SW & SC lately. Perhaps they are avoiding me!

Phil Lowe said...

That's dedication for you Gail'sMan.And I don't they are avoiding you. :)