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Friday, 20 November 2009

Antipasto? Yummy. Bring on the dry cured meats!

Selection of antipasto served at the Broadway cinema

If anything tickles my tastebuds it's a selection of continental cured meats and a nice salad with olives and perhaps a glass of chilled white wine and some hunks of pain rustique. I have a particular craving for the french style saucisson sec and when I am fortunate enough to have it my larder I find it hard to leave alone. It's great  thinly sliced and nibbled on as a meaty snack for breakfast, lunch or supper.

Saucisson sec
The local supermarket does an antipasto pack by Fiorucci and it contains prosciutto (dry cured pork leg slices), salami Milano (dry cured pork salami) and slices of coppa (dry cured cuts of pork collar) all of which don't last long in my house.

They also stock a small range of cooked and smoked sausages from the French company Aoste including a rich red peppery spanish chorizo that personally I like to slice and put into a tomato based stew with butter beans and fresh herbs.

One of my other favourite cooked meats is pastrami- yummy in a big fat beef tomato filled ciabatta roll still warm from the oven.

Pastrami with herbs


Dean said...

How strange, I made a herb and tomato loaf yesterday and had it with some nice Pastrami amongst other things, I could never be a vegetarian im afraid with such great selections of meats.

Salad = what you feed your dinner on before it becomes dinner ;)

Phil Lowe said...

That sounds nice Dean. What herb/s went into the loaf?

Love your description of salad - here bunny - din dins! lol

Dean said...

Some oregano, Basil and a bit of rosemary and a nice glug of Olive oil.
I have just got a bread maker so am experimenting with different recipes atm, New thing for me as its a long time since i made real bread but i am enjoying the easy fresh homemade bread and so far the loaves are a hit with the family too!

The Machinist's Wife said...

Oh, man... yum! We bought some sausage for the Machinist's birthday treat and like you - it doesn't last long in our house. The other day, we were given a bottle of citrus infused olive oil. Now it goes on (almost) EVERYTHING and is particularly delicious dribbled over antipasto... slurp!

Gail's Man said...

You seem to eat very well for a man with no money!
How's the job search going? Hope you've got something now matey.

French Fancy said...

I'm not a fan of these dried meats because of the fat content - not because I'm such a virtuous soul but because a few years back I had my gall bladder removed and I have to watch that sort of thing. I do make an exception where mortadello is concerned - simply yummy.

Phil Lowe said...

Dean: good for you mate. Sounds lovely. You can't beat fresh bread and in my experience it lasts so much longer than the shop bought stuff and tastes so much nicer.

Machinst's wife: sound fab. Citrus enfused olive oil. Hmmmm, I love bread and olive oil and small spalsh of balsamic vinegar to flavour the oil.

Gail'sMan: Ah Mr G, you assume that I have eaten said delicious meats of late. Wrong. The photos are from the past but the meaty memories still linger.How I would ove to have the ready cash to spend on charcuterie mon amis.

FF:Mortadello? Must look that one up? Sounds as if to die for. :0)

Phil Lowe said...

Apologies for rubbish spelling in last set of comments. Blush.

Wandering said...

this post made me hungry... and i just ate lunch :(

Phil Lowe said...

hey... what a compliment wandering. Thanks. xx