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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Do me a favour...

My soon to be married neighbour, Jo, popped round to see me the other day and asked if I would be happy to help her make some ‘Cranberry and White Chocolate Cookies’ from Nigella Lawson’s Nigella Christmas recipe book. I said that I would love too, and we met up this morning and worked on them in her kitchen for a couple of hours. Mick, her husband to be, took some of the pictures and their cats Harris and Soufie did their best not to leap up on the side whilst we were creating the cookies. I could just imagine the cats suprised look as their  crash landing caused a baking tray full of wet cookie mix to be cat- a pulted across the kitchen. One of the pre-oven cookies did get ditched after Harris got sneakily over enthusiastic with his cat tongue though! Bad Harris! lol

I’m not going to copy the recipe out on the blog post today (page 208 if you have the book) but I would say that they were very easy to make and gave me the very first experience of ‘folding’ the mixture with the benefit of adding air to the mix. It makes your wrist ache but the final cookies were certainly worth it.

Pre-oven cookies.

Nigella recommends dried cranberries in the mix and chopped pecans as well as the white chocolate chips, egg, vanilla extract, flour,butter, sugars and rolled oats base.

The cookies are going to be used as favours for their wedding this weekend – if they last that long!

Thanks Mick for the photos of me and Jo in the kitchen – just wish I didn’t look quite so camp in this one below! The cat looking on is Soufie.


pierre said...

you have lucky voisins !! good for you and Nigella is still a goddess !
and if you like french creative food come and visit my blog !! you are very welcome
I am going to visit your bordeaux blog !
Pierre from Paris France

Phil Lowe said...

hahahaha! I had a look at your blog Pierre. Some very interesting recipes and I like the funny stories as an appetizer. Tres bien xxx

PS: Oui, Nigella is a goddess indeed.

Karen said...

I've made these too, very easy & very scrumptious. Can also recommend her double chocolate cookies, which are extremely rich, & I can only eat one at a time. I've got several Nigella books, all much used, especially the Domestic Goddess one. (Steve also likes Nigella - when he met her at a book signing, he was in heaven for weeks). Actually, the one thing from her books I didn't like was her Christmas cake recipe - it just didn't work well for me.

Ken Devine said...

What are neighbours for?

Dedene said...

Phil, I see that you've been busy while I've been away. I'll have to catch up on your posts.
Those cookies look wonderful! You must print the recipe!!!