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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Phil at the local chippy

Over the last few days I was approached by the owner of the local fish and chip shop as he wanted me to take some photos of his business for him to create his own blog or website. His establishment do some great fish and chips and kebabs and his homemade fish cakes are to die for. Kevin Carlin- the owner in question- is a very pleasant chap and is amusingly camera shy. The last time I did a blog post about his shop he actually ran into the back room so I couldn't take his picture.

I enjoyed spending five minutes behind the counter photographing the pies and other hot food items in the cabinets and put them on a disc for him free of charge.


Ken Devine said...

This brought so many memories flooding back of when we had a shop on the High Street there. The owners of the chip shop were frequent customers of ours.

They were two Greek brothers. The elder brother who's name escapes me died just after Theo (the younger brother) opened up a pizza place next door.

They were a lovely family and extremely generous to the down and outs that used to call by for a free meal. His wife served behind the counter and their chips were the best for miles.

Just past the chiip shop to the right used to be a shop with an arched window. I was told the story that it was the workshop of the cobbler. He was so upset at having to pass VAT on to his customers after being introduced that he went into the back and hung himself.

Are you aware of the other chip shop that was closed down ater the war? It's a great story.

Ken Devine said...

I hope the performance went okay Phil.

I was being patriotic and decided to watch the England Brazil game as Darren Bent the Sunderland striker was playing.

Yes, I know, I already do regret it!

French Fancy said...

My memory of fish and chips is always better than what I find when I do a Brit trip. It's usually the first thing we go and have and it's always dripping in too much grease to actually eat and enjoy. I bet your mate's place is ace though.

Phil Lowe said...

Gosh Ken, I think that that qualifies as the longest comment I have ever had on this site. Great to hear all that history and your connection with the fish and chip shop. I think that one member of the Greek family was called George and he stayed with the shop for a little while until it was taken over by the fella who owns it now.Not seen him for a bit.

FF: The memory of food is often better than the actuality esp where fat is concerned and Fish 'n Chips can suffer that way. I hate things swimming in fat.