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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Chef Kim did good!

Just got back from the first night of Festen at The Lace Market Theatre and all went superbly. Fantastic show and fantastic cast, Fantastic director, set designer and backstage gang.

Kim the chef (yours truly) did great and was perfect as the semi-sozzled chef in the production. Yay! I helped serve that lobster soup! I brought on two dinner plates! I helped move tables and dress them! I helped serve the breakfast after the drama! I looked pissed and said my lines correctly.Go chef Kim!!!!  Bring on the Schnapps!!!

Picture courtesy of Mark James.

Festen (Celebration) continues at The Lace Market Theatre until Saturday evening.

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Images by Mark James for Festen


feasting-on-pixels (terrie) said...

Felicitations cher Phil...I kknew tht you would be perfect.

I love this image as it seems to have captured the character that you have described.

Dean said...

Great stuff, It seems you enjoyed it by the tone of your post :)
I agree on the picture.

French Fancy said...

I had no doubts that you were going to be a cracking chef - talk about being cast to type!


Gail's Man said...

Maybe life will imitate art for you, and you'll be paid for your cooking.

Cheryl said...

Hurray for you, Mark!!!! Hurray!!! You look great and that looks like the funnest job in the world. You're so lucky to be able to do that. I took an acting class a while ago and was usually sick with fear before each session, but I always had the best time during. What's next? Some Shakespeare or something in London? I can definitely see you there!

Phil Lowe said...

Thanks all, the performance week is going especially well and the audiences are loving it. Those that know can't belive I learnt the role in three rehearsals (and some time at home going over and over the lines).

Cheryl: I couldn't work out why you called me Mark. I thought perhaps you ahd previously been emailing a friend called Mark or some such thing. Then it dawned on me. You have picked up the name from Mark James the guy who did the photos. lol