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Thursday, 19 February 2009

BBC interview at BBC Radio Nottingham

The 'mug of strong tea and a chip butty' blog news is expanding! I got up very early this morning to appear on the Andy Whittaker breakfast show live.

I've been on the radio a fair few times in the past promoting theatre productions but this was even more exciting for me as I was promoting my own work! Yay!

We chatted about the origins of the idea for the blog and why I would want to go into cafes and coffee shops and that I 'should' be given free tea and cake for my efforts. lol.

I also wanted to put across that I was developing my writing style and a sense of humour was vital to my blogs and Andy rightly said that the idea was to get a 'snapshot' of the cafe's ambience and customers through people watching.

The interview lasted about five minutes and was aired just before 9am this morning and can be found on BBC Radio Nottingham's site. To save you listening to all of the programme (unless you want to) my piece is pretty much at the end of the bar on this link.

Thanks very much Andy, Mark and BBC Radio Nottingham. Here's to the next time. Phil


TheManOfNotts said...

Goodo. Nice one Phil!

Athina said...

Congratulations, Phil. You're great!

Phil Lowe said...

Thanks TheManOfNotts and Athina