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Friday, 20 February 2009

I broke my rule in the local chippy

Venue: Ruddington Fish and Chip shop. High Street, Ruddington.

I rarely ask if I can take a photo in the venues I visit as I discussed with Andy Whittaker on the radio yesterday morning but yesterday lunch I broke my rule because I wanted some interior shots of the local Fish and Chip shop and it was lunchtime and busy. It took me ten minutes with their young manager (very nice fella) trying to explain what a blog was, why I wanted to take photos and that his business was in no danger of me slagging it off. Now there's a good Olde English expression for you -slagging it off. For anyone not sure it means being disrespectful.

Anyway, after all this faff he eventually let me take them and he, bless him, actually ran into his back room out of sight as he didn't want to be in the picture.

If you are ever in the vicinity Ruddington Fish and Chips shop is in the middle of the village just off the A60. Recommended.


kate said...

great idea for a blog! came across your site via the nottingham flickr group. most of my bike rides involve a cafe stop, so i shall be reading with interest ;)

Phil Lowe said...

thanks very much Kate. Just had a quick look at your site. Interesting content and like your header of map, tea and cake!

Anonymous said...

I agree, great chippy!