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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Show me your sausage!

I saw this sign in a local Nottingham pub (The Bell) that serves food and it made me laugh that you get to have the option of choosing your sausage and that they were using the option as a marketing feature. No longer is the mantra Wine , Women and Song but Food, Wine and Sausages! lol
Out of interest I checked out British sausages on the internet and found this great site. For Nottingham folk we have seven local sausage maufactures featured on this site.


TheManOfNotts said...

You just cant be Lincolnshire!!!! I'm from Notts an all but Lincolnshire? YUM!

Phil Lowe said...

Ah yes, Lincs links. Very true, they are special as sausages The ManOfNotts. Lots of herbs and leeks and a peppery flavour sometimes. Delicious.