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Monday, 16 February 2009

Fly pie? yes please!

The fly pie in question is an Eccles cake full of currants (the flies) seen above.
I've gathered some funny names together of dishes and food based items us Brits recognise as part of our food culture. I would love to hear from you if you can include any more. Thanks too to my blogging friend Marian for helping me out and making me laugh at our nation's quirkiness.

In no particular order:

Fly Pies

Bubble and Squeak

Singing hinnies

Pork Scratchings

Soldiers with soft boiled eggs

Mushy peas

Battered sausages

Bangers and Mash




The Parson's nose

Spotted Dick

Toad in the hole

After all that lot, as we Brits say - "I'm stuffed!"

1 comment:

Stephen Wright said...

Don't forget Devils on horseback (sardines on toast), pigs in blankets (sausages with bacon wrapped round them) and Surf 'n' turf (fish and chips)