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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Eating in the street and LITTERING!

I have no particular objection to people eating in the street - and we are talking baked spuds and pasties and sandwiches here but so many people just chuck their half empty containers on the floor as they go back to the office or leave them where they sat for someone else to pick up. No disrespect to these two young women I happened to have photographed on the Market Square who put their rubbish in a bin. I went past a metal bench in the city the other day and there were four baked spud trays just resting on the bench accompanied by a pile of cold baked beans on the ground. Urgh. Litter, what do you think?


French Fancy said...

How could they leave some of the beans?

In the old days - when I was brave - if I saw someone drop litter I would often pick it up and go after them to point out what they had done. Nobody ever punched me in the nose - amazingly. Nowadays, if I still lived in the UK I wouldn't dare - because even though I have given up reading the Daily Mail online I still believe that I could be knifed.

One thing that I really do detest is when drivers empty their ashtrays out of the window - now I could probably knife them.

(goes off to calm down)

French Fancy said...

p.s. - you are now clamped to my sidebar - yes, Phil, I'm watching you.

Phil Lowe said...

Exactly- full of nourishment are those baked beans. The pigeons were enjoying them anyway.

p.s - clamped to your sidebar huh? Well what a week I'm having. Tuesday I was forced to pose with a St Trinians style schoolgirl at the NEC, tomorrow is my birthday and today i am clamped to your sidebar and you are watching me. When do I get to win the lottery?

Roz said...

How do you get clamped to a moustache...? ;-)

I feel that in this age of environmental enlightenment littering is detrimental to flora and fauna, dirty, damaging, disgusting (running out of d's) and completely unnecessary....(steps off soapbox and exits stage left)

Anonymous said...

Littering is irresponsible, lazy, unsightly, disgusting, harmful to the environment and guaranteed to lower my level of respect by a significant amount - somewhere between blocking the aisle with your trolley in the supermarket while you natter with someone you just encountered oblivious to the world around you, and smoking in the same room as a baby.

Phil Lowe said...

I seem to have touched a nerve here! Good. Thanks all for your opinions.Strangely enough no pro litter comments so far. :0)

StGeorgeOfEngland said...

I detest litter. My biggest bugbear is chewing gum. We pay millions to refurbish our beautiful sqaure and surroundings with fine stone and block paving then let these vermin of moral decay ruin it with their chewed filth.
I also used to approach people about dropping litter and in some cases still do. These 'plastic police' and community officers or whatever the usually overweight and practically useless articles call themselves do nothing and have very few powers. Bring back the likes of Tug Wilson and a bloody good thick ear.
Yeah I'm on my soapbox too, and why not? As a law abiding tax payer and respector of peoples well being I think I am allowed my say.
As our good friend SW says Phil, time for revolution.
That's my ten pen'orth.

Gail's Man said...

The litter police don't seem to be around as much these days. Council cuts? Perhaps people should be charged a quid extra for packaging & it's refunded if they took it back to the cafe etc where it came from. Wouldn't be any litter then.

Happy birthday for tomorrow. It's mine today. So we're both artistic Pisceans!

Phil Lowe said...

Happy Birthday Gail's Man. Yep, both artistic Pisceans.Well put George of England. Plastic police. I like that.