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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Coffee, chocolate and facebook

According to a report I read this morning it seems that we Brits are now adicted not to sex, drugs and rock and roll but coffee, chocolate and Facebook, or as my friend calls it -the book of face. Oh, and in these recessionary times we are also addicted (apparently) now to checking our bank balances very regularly. What interesting times we live in. After pondering that I think I need a cup of tea -oh no I'm out of tea! Now where's that dusty old Mars bar? lol


Athina said...

I dont know but I'm more addicted to blogger and flickr than to Facebook.

Phil Lowe said...

I know what you mean. Facebook always seems to crash/freeze on me.

Nick B. said...

Coffee - I learned a lot about coffee culture, US style on recent trips out there. I now rarely touch instant apart from odd occasions at work. Favourite brewing method here is to use my old 1970s vintage electric coffee percolator.

Chocolate - A girlfriend introduced me to proper chocolate as I was never keen on the over-sweet stuff you can buy in the shops. I like 70% (or more) dark choc and Lidl's usually have a good stash.

Farcebook. Enough said.