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Sunday, 18 January 2009

Give my regards to Broadway

I love the cinema and can think of no better place to frequent than the very popular Broadway Cinema, Media Centre and cafe bar here in Nottingham. I am always amazed at how busy it is during the daytime and the great mix of people from all walks of life who attend and eat there day and night.

If you go on a Thursday lunchtime for their 1.30pm showing (films vary dependant on the monthly programme) the joint is absolutely packed with those gentlefolk over the age of 60. The event is called Silver Screen and the oldies get to see a film at a discounted price and a free cup of tea or coffee afterwards. At their recent showing of Miss Pettigrew lives for a day the biggest screen (screen 1) was totally sold out. It must hold well over 500!

The Broadway cafe food varies from day to day in terms of what's on offer and often they will have a special night or two during the month where they match the food to the film. For example they had an Indian food night on Tuesday 13th Jan to work alongside the Indian based film Slumdog Millionaire.

I will sometimes pop in for a coffee of a morning if I am in town and it is only £1.30 plus a top up free if you feel like it. Plus it is a wifi cafe for those who like to tap away on a laptop.


Janette Jones said...

I heart the Broadway. I dream of sitting there all day, tapping away on my laptop!

Peter said...

I have to agree with you about the Broadway, a wonderful place that always seems to have something of interest to hold the attention.