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Sunday, 18 January 2009

Hot peas and a homemade pie please

Venue: The Indoor Market Hall. Victoria Centre. Nottingham

Big D’s Mushy peas - Hot peas and hot meals and beverages

I chatted with Big D (a very friendly lady) and one of her male customers about trade and the butchers/fishmongers side of the market. Her stand is a familiar and popular part of Nottingham’s indoor market but she said that trade isn’t what it was and four of the stands were currently empty because of the high rents. The fishmongers and butchers that used to operate from these vacant spaces have, allegedly gone to the indoor Market at Derby Eagle Centre. Initially I asked if I could take a photo of her stand and she shyly said “Yes, but not with me in it!” I stood and chatted with them for ten minutes and then took the photo. I think once we had got talking and on the same wavelength she was more inclined to be in the picture.

Café Victoria. - All day meals, snack, cakes and drinks. 2/3 course lunches made to order and fresh vegetables daily. Also does catering for special events.

At 2.30pm this sweet little café was empty of custom apart from two ladies and myself. The owner agreed to me taking a photo of the sauce containers for their typical English café nature and for the colour. I had a cup of tea here and read the paper about the airplane landing safely in Hudson Bay and not (thank heaven) smack bang in the middle of New York. I tried a sneaky picture of the owner having his own dinner several empty tables away but chickened out as he seemed to be aware of the camera pointing in his direction. Nice cuppa. I’ll be back sometime. It was only a pound too.

Aldo’s - Expresso, Latte & Cappuccino bar.

This seemed the busiest of all the eateries in the Market Hall with several folk seated around a continental bar all consuming their coffees and desserts. If this had been in any city in mainland Europe I imagine a few dry sherries, glasses of wine and beer would be on the menu as well. And perhaps some tapas. Now I’m hungry!

Frothy Coffee Café -Café serving hot and cold food and drinks and homemade pies
I loved the quaint name of this establishment but was stared out by a not so quaint old lady as I tried to photograph the premises. I have been past this establishment a few times in the past and they always seem busy – maybe its them homemade pies. Why did Sweeney Todd just come into my head. Sorry Frothy Coffee. ;0)

On this visit I never had time to investigate Pete’s Café - Coffee and sandwich bar and the Madhouse Café – Specialising in quality breakfasts and homemade meals.

Next time perhaps. Hmmm, now for some hot peas from Big D's!

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