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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Almost put me off my pak-choi

You can be put of a place purely by the random actions of some of its customers. In the middle of Hockley stands the Cafe Hockley, an ordinary greasy spoon type place I would be happy to have a cuppa in. I was out shopping the other day at the Chinese supermarket opposite this cafe and saw three chavvy lads in the upstairs bit turn their backs to the window and drop their trousers and moon at the passers-by. They stood there for a couple of minutes waggling their bums. It almost put me off my pak-choi. lol


TheManOfNotts said...

I understand this completely. I had a similar situation...but INSIDE the restaurant - Check out this post from a few weeks ago on my blog -

Phil Lowe said...

Great post TheManOfNotts. I like your blog will check out the rest of it tomorrow.