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Saturday, 24 January 2009

How I found Anne Frank in a posh cafe!

No this isn't a sick joke folks. I went to a newish cafe in Nottingham on recommendation today. It is called The Walk and it's alongside the Ibis Hotel by the Lace Market tram stop. It was very busy and a classy joint. I got met by a man in a bow tie and smiled at by a very sweet young lady we'll call L for discreetness sake. "Phil!" she called out. "How lovely to see you!" And I got a peck on the cheek. From the girl that is, not the man in the bow tie. OK.

It turned out to be a young actress who four years ago was about 14 and played one of two Anne Frank's in a stage production of The Diary of Anne Frank that I was in. She is now all grown up and attending a course on Fine Art. They were very busy, as I said, so we didn't really have a chance to talk. However I did have a pot of Earl Grey and got permission to photograph the cakes. The tea was nice and I gave the food a miss because the prices were a bit high for me at the moment. If you read this - it was great to see you again L.


Janette Jones said...

At last, somewhere decent to take my Mother for a bite to eat, on our next shopping trip. Will have to try this one, Phil!

Phil Lowe said...

Oui, bien sur! Take your Mum, she would love it there. Phil xx