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Sunday, 25 January 2009

She was sooooo rude!

The venue is now known as the Lakeside cafe and is one of two cafes at the South entrance to Nottingham University. I believe the main road is called University Boulevard. I popped in for a cup of tea the other day on my route through the University grounds. The main meals were gone it being after 3pm and the place was relatively empty.

As I gazed vacantly at the empty counters and the staff chatting together I was reminded of another time many years ago circa mid 1990s when the place was then called Cafe Lautrec - an arty reference no doubt to the famous crippled artist Toulouse Lautrec. My former girlfriend and I arrived one day to get something nice for lunch and a drink. They did great salads and lasagna. We also liked to look at the Art Gallery there.

I think the fact that, even though I had left Uni, I looked like a perennial Art student in my attire annoyed the woman owner. Although it was/is a University she didn't want some scruffy students cluttering up her posh cafe and when we went up to order some food she got stroppy and glared at us saying "Eat it up quickly and get out because we've got important people coming!"

We weren't even students! Not that is any reason to be so obnoxious. My ex girlfriend was fuming and sat at the table moaning about her rudeness. On the way out (and we deliberately took our time, tee hee) I said "No wonder it is called Cafe Lautrec - you have to crawl on your knees to get good service.

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Marian Barker said...

That reminded me about a sign in canal side pub near Lancaster. The pub was a rambling converted mill. Needing to go to the ladies (as one would - well as a lady would!) I set of in the direction signposted. Across the lounge, down the stairs, along the corridor, round a corner etc where I came across the said sign "two loos long trek"