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Monday, 19 January 2009

Thank God for a pot of tea and some cake

A friend from the Nottingham flickr group suggested that I visit St Peter's Church in the centre of Nottingham and their tea rooms as part of this ongoing tea/coffee themed blog. So I did. Somehow I expected the tea rooms to be a bit run down, a bit shabby like a well worn vicar past his/her ecclesiastical date. Not a bit of it! Once through the body of the Anglican church I found myself entering a very modern tea-rooms with very polite voluntary staff - mostly older ladies and one old chap in a tweed suit and butler's apron. The old chap busied himself clearing tables. In his spare time I think he worked for Batman and was called Alfred. Can't be too sure of that though. Don't tell him but the apron was a bit of a give-away as was the imperious manner.

It was a Monday and 'apparently' Monday is a bit slow on the customer front and it was too early for the lunch crowd. On a notice board they were displaying a tidy photocopy of a report done in Feb 2007 by the Food Sleuth who operates from the Nottingham Evening Post. On his visit back then he had given the place a 5 star report and said he had thoroughly enjoyed his visit and the food was great and reported that the place was packed to the gills.

Today I opted for the pot of tea and a piece of meltingly nice buttered cake and a flirty chat with the old dears. They weren't too sure what a blog might be and we didn't broach the notion that Christ would have been a blogger - "Today I turned water into wine. The crowd seemed keener on that than the fish trick earlier." Sorry ladies, couldn't help myself!Naughty me!

Anyway, after finishing my tea the younger lady manager said it would be OK to take a picture of the premises as it might be good publicity and hoped I'd be back. Do you know what, I really think that sentiment was genuinely meant- and I will ladies- I will. Your cake was great and the atmosphere very welcoming. Thanks.


Andy said...

I can see they'll have you singing Kumbaya with the tambourine squad by the 3rd visit ;-D

French Fancy said...

You cad, leading them on with your flirty ways with that cake. Next you'll be wanting seconds.

Marian Barker said...

Excellent - I discovered a similar treasure in a church at York.