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Saturday, 10 January 2009

Cuppa Rosey Lee at Lee Rosey's

Venue: Lee Rosey’s café. Broad Street. Nottingham

Lee Rosey’s is a small independent tea shop and café opposite the Broadway cinema and I have been a fair few times in the past. Formerly it would have been in my hour dinner break and by the time I had arrived at the venue I would have about half an hour to nurse a cup of hot Earl Grey tea. On the way back to work my teeth would be throbbing from the quickly drunk hot beverage and regrets would be forming in my head that I couldn’t stay longer. I’m a little freer these days.

Today I settled for a gigantic honey roast ham, mayo, tomato and salad sandwich that I took to the seats by the window. On the side wall to the left of me are loads of indi posters for bands and courses. There is one for a singer called Françoiz Breut who has a gig at La Bodega that looks very appealing. Another hand written poster is promoting guitar and bass lessons and has one tatty tear off phone number left hanging on the sheet.

A track by Joanna Newson is playing as I bite into my fresh sandwich. The track is called Monkey and Bear and I keep getting images of my toy monkey ‘Monka’ dancing around, flickering through my brain.

From across the road, coming out the main doors for the Broadway comes a man I once met through the Theatre Writing Partnership.

He is called Finton and waves as he passes the window and disappears from my peripheral view. I take another bite and am suddenly surprised by him appearing at my side. He offers to buy me a cuppa and then we have an interesting ‘writers’ chat about writing for film, the theatre and blogging with intent. Interesting guy, and I think that it was fate that I chose to come this venue today. He also made some very positive comments about my adaptation of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol that recently successfully played at the Lace Market Theatre.

Another surprise was a tap on the shoulder from a man called Miles Chalcraft who I knew many years ago from University. He told me that he is currently artistic director for a symposium running at the Broadway and other Nottingham venues. I always like to hear of friends’ successes and it was good to see Miles’ smiling face after so many years.

Finton had to go and I had another look at the posters and I am intrigued by one advertising a workshop. It claimed the following:

Everyone needs to have fun.

Two day workshop celebrating laughter, play, games and fun.

Learn new games.

Learn how to laugh for no reason.

Re-capture childhood spontaneity.

Boost your health, happiness and energy.
Another poster amongst the thousands big and small, new and crumpled was a poster for Capoeira classes and featured a man spinning around upside down on one hand.

I finished my cup of tea, got down off the seat, put on my coat and hat, cart wheeled out of the door and hopped down Broad Street on one hand whilst laughing for no reason. I’ll be back Lee Rosey’s tea shop.

Next time I visit a caff and try out the bacon sarnies. Join me.

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