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Friday, 30 January 2009

David Essex no show

Venue: Theatre Royal Nottingham cafe bar (downstairs)
Prior to an interview today I spent ten minutes enjoying a coffee in the Theatre Royal cafe bar. I had a bit of paper work to sort out and concentrated on that for the duration. Until tomorrow night David Essex (scream now girls) has a show on called All The Fun of the Fair at this grand theatre and then I guess it will move on to another venue and David (scream again girls!) and his team will continue to entertain with this new musical written by David Essex (once more for fun!). I haven't had chance to see the show but part of me who remembers David Essex (ok, that's enough) from way back - and I mean way back - hoped that the old rocker might just pass through the cafe on the way to his dressing room. It never happened but I did see a couple of the youngsters from the show sitting with their mums and dads chatting on a brief parental visit. Sorry I missed you David ("David we lurve you!!!!!!!!") Girls please! Calm down.
For the misguided or unsure David is now the older looking one with the braces.


French Fancy said...

Thus we age, not very gracefully

Phil Lowe said...

lol French Fancy.

Anonymous said...

I've just found your lovely blog Phil, and having lived in Nottingham all my working life, I've just had a real dollop of home sickness.

I love your writing style and have made myself an appointment one afternoon this week to read the lot!