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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

A fry up in BHS.

This morning I decided to go to BHS (British Home Stores) for a fry up type breakfast. £3.49 bought me a mug of tea and eight items for my breakfast. I found it hard to choose eight items and went for seven instead - a sort of sausage, two slices of cold bacon, a thin sliver of black pudding, baked beans, a hash brown, tomato and some complimentary toast. The cafe there is huge and would seat at least 500. However this particular morning there were three diners, myself and two old ladies. Whilst I was waiting to be served another lady customer said that it "was good to get a choice ". I nodded and really wanted to say - "hey that's buffet breakfasts for you!"

The plated breakfast sat on my tray for three or four minutes while the sole assistant dithered about with a fried egg and then came to the till to serve me.

The main breakfast wasn't that hot in temperature and the tea was scolding. I felt obliged to take a picture just so you can see the meal. I probably won't go back again.

I have no idea what the sausage was made of and the hash brown was a bit crusty.


Robin - AKA Dr Society - AKA Ferret Learey - AKA Innit said...

I'd better try it out before it closes down along with the other half of the city least the way things are going.

Where is the best place you recommend for a great cup of coffee in Nottingham?

...good to see another Nottingham Blog...we've added you to our links list.

Cheers for now.


Phil Lowe said...

Cheers Robin. Good to hear from you. French Living on King Street are pretty good for a relaxing cup of decent coffee and somewhere I am planning to blog about soon. Glad you like my blog. I will link with yours in a second.

Nick B. said...

I'f I'd been served a half cold meal while they waited for the egg I'd have sent it all back for them to change/refund me. It seems that people are prepared to bitch about poor quality food after the event rather than confront the perpetrators.

My favorite for a quality fry-up used to be Parkers Cafe at Dunkirk, convenient for the fire station and the PDSA. Bet you can't eat a full portion ;)

Phil Lowe said...

NickB, thanks for your comment. Yeah I would normally have taken it back in its tepid state butI was in a rush and ate it quickly. I'm chuffed about your valid comment and it has given me another theme for a blog. Cheers.

If I get over that way, I'll give Parkers a try. Sounds good.