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Monday, 26 January 2009

Young man, there's no need to feel down...

Oh my goodness! Where did it all go? All that time between my graduation in 1991 as a skinny performance Arts student and now? Happy where the days when I was creative all day and 'creative' all night (oh, naughty boy!). Gone were those halcyon days when all that mattered were the Arts and the theatre - and the rapidly dwindling student grant money in my impoverished bank account!

Yes, gone were the days when me and my 'forever to be' arty buddies earnestly idled time away in the YMCA cafe over a pot of hot stewed tea and a Yorkshire pudding dinner in their canteen. Well all except for the veggies and anti 'anything masculine' feminists, anyway. Sob, sob. :(

I went back today (Jan 2009) to try to capture that spirit of rebelliousness and embrace the 'stuffing dropping out of the easy chairs' moment and it was all replaced by glass and security and a brand new business eradicating the room where once we stood (or sat) and manned (or personed) the barricades of des Art Nouveau Anglaise. There was no Cafe des Arts!!!! No cabbage smell and cheap tea! No more , 'When do we need to have this dissertation in by?'

The Creative Arts course is all a past memory and now we have the Fine Arts and Fashion Courses in their place and the present cafe in the Bonnington Building is Fair Trade and muffin led. Well, at least the Fashion Course women are prettier! Voice from the past: (Oh you sexist!)

Ha ha! The ex-student rebel is not yet dead! Long live Apollinaire! Long live 1991! God Bless Peter Brook's Empty Space et al!


French Fancy said...

that chip photo looks mouth-wateringly good

Phil Lowe said...

Go on nick a chip, you know you want to! Have the whole thing and sink yer teeth deep into its floury goodness!Hmmm!Good huh? Warm, 'straight out the fryer' chips and lush tomato sauce! Yummy!And I won't charge you a penny. Enjoy!